Tatum Bookbinding Company


Ordering Instructions



                                                              1)     Request Username & Password by e-mailing jim@tatumbookbinding.com


                                                                      You will receive an e-mail with your password and instructions within 24 hours.


                                                              2)     Decide how many books you wish to order. Prices are listed on our pricing page.


                                                              3)     Convert your file to PDF format.

                                                                      We only accept files in PDF format. Other file types cause too many problems.

                                                                      Converting your file to PDF format is easy and can be done in various ways.

                                                                      Books produced with Microsoft Word 2007 can make a PDF file with a plug-in downloaded from Microsoft.

                                                                      After downloading the plug-in you will simply save the file as a PDF file.

                                                                     There are several programs available which make PDF files. Cute PDF has a free version of a PDF writer which you can

                                                                     download from cutepdf.com. Cute PDF installs in you computer as a printer.

                                                                     When converting to a PDF file set the dialog box to embed fonts otherwise a font substitution will occur.



                                                             4)      Fill out the order form page and submit it.


                                                             5)      Decide if you want to submit your file by uploading it or by mail.

                                                                      Mail disks to Tatum Bookbinding, 654 Wealthy St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mi 49503.

                                                                      Those of you uploading file continue to steps below.

                                                             6)      Download a FTP client, you can get one for free at http://filezilla-project.org


                                                             7)       Upload your file using the FTP Client. Follow the instructions in the e-mail we will send you with your



                                                              8)      We will e-mail you a paypal invoice for payment.